Remote SQL Mode & Local Memory Mode

Alinous Elastic DB has Remote and Local Mode. In remote mode, it works as distributed RDBMS. In local mode, it works as high speed database.

As Memory Main Database

Database Memory Management System

This database engine works on only remote server. Then it works as high speed database which works mainly on memory.

Usage of Memory Database

The version written in C++ has own memory management system, and Garbage Collection engine. They cooperate together to handle data first.

This mode is for usage which needs high speed response time.

High Level Buffer

The database has strong buffer between the transaction processing engine and file I/O interface. If the server has enough memory, it works on memory.

But if there is not enough memory on the server, the cache engine uses LRU(Least Recently Used) algorithm. Therefore algorithm like BTree can work with less cache miss hit.

Thread Safe Memory Allocation

The memory management system handles memory allocation. Each thread has own memory pool to allocate. Therefore, memory allocation is very fast.

No Lock Escalation

Huge number of row lock needs big memory. Then this database engine swap the locks from memory to disk.

Therefore lock escalation does not occurs.

Compatible with Distributed Database Mode

The programming interface & all user interface is compatible with the database used as distributed database. Therefore, by only changing cloud node structure, or mode, it becomes scalable.

High Speed Database As Storage Engine

When this database engine works in distributed mode, it has storage nodes. The storage engine reuses this mode's components.

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