Feature of Distributed Database for Bigdata

Alinous Elastic DB is distributed database with OLTP transaction for Bigdata handling. The database management system is scalable, and it can configure the scalability.

Scaling and Sharding Feature

Scaling and Sharding are main feature of distributed database software. Sharding for BigData, Scaling out for high transaction. This database is RDBMS to support both.

Configure Scalability of Distributed Database

Distributed Database Management System

To scaling distributed node makes through put of the transaction faster. But the response speed becomes slower. This database can configure to do trade-off of the performance.

Least data Transfer amid distributed nodes for BigData

In order to deal BigData with distributed database, quantity of data records to be transferred via network should be smaller as possible as it can.

Distributed Database for OLTP and Bigdata

This database supports sharding to deal Bigdata. In addition to that, it supports ACID transaction. It supports following atomicity.

  • Read Committed
  • Repeatable Read
  • Serializable

The transaction engine supports row level lock & table lock.

High Speed Database written in C++

This software has Java & C++ version. The source code of C++ version is generated from Java source code. The C++ version is much faster than Java.

Database as Development Environment

Relational database management system with SQL is powerful development component for especially web-database based application. Most of programming languages uses RDBMS on development.

This software supports powerful stored procedure with Java liked programming language and SQL. The concept of this database is "Database as Development Environment".

JSON friendly interface between Applications and Database

Most of agile programming language can use JSON format easily. The stored procedure can make REST API to use database very easily.

Scaling Stored Procedure with Agile Programming Language

Scalability is one of an essential factor to make web based application. The stored procedure is not only suitable to make applications in agile process, but also make scalable applications.

Eclipse IDE based Development Kit

Ease of debugging is essential for agile software development. This database provides development environment as Eclipse Plugin.

Java Friendly Stored Procedure

Both Java & C++ version has interface to import Java Archive File( *.jar ) to extend functions used in the stored procedure.

So if you are Java programmer, you can write plugin components for this database.

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