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NoSQL vs Distributed Relational Database

NoSQL is to solve problem of non-distributed database. But by adding distributed functions, RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) can do same things.

Advantage of NoSQL

NoSQL databases are basically very simple. But recently, they have some great functions about distributed data management.

The advantage of NoSQL is weak points of RDBMS.

Small Overhead

NoSQL for BigData, ex Hadoop, do not supports UPDATE and DELETE operation in SQL. In addition to no transaction support, it makes the structure simple.

Therefore it has almost no over head of Relational Databases.

Partition Table

The NoSQL is good at horizontal scaling. That is because it does not supports transaction, it can locate data more freely than RDBMS.

Clustering & Replication

Clustering & replication's implementation of NoSQL software is simple. Therefore NoSQL is good at building distributed database network using both partitioning and clustering.

Weak Point of NoSQL for BigData

Weak point of NoSQL is according to the simple structure, and loss of functions.

No Transaction

Most of NoSQL does not have transaction and lock functions. Therefore NoSQL user have to write that instead of the database.

Programming is Difficult

Programming interface is complex library. There are no easy script like SQL does not exist.

Response is not Fast

Most of NoSQL engines for BigData are not good at fast response. Therefore most of them are not good at OLTP.

They are suitable for batch execution, which works back ground of main system.

NewSQL solve weak points of RDBMS

The Relational Management System which has new architecture to cover advantage, which is weak points of RDBMS, is NewSQL.

It has standard functions of RDBMS. In addition to that, it has distributed database functions which NoSQLs support.

Alinous Elastic DB is designed as NewSQL for BigData.

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