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NewSQL for OLTP & Bigdata

NewSQL is database management system which have more functions than RDBMS. It has distributed data management functions, that NoSQL is good at. Alinous Elastic DB is a kind of NewSQL.

Use Case of Bigdata

BigData is not simply huge data. That is high resolution data.

Data Acquisition Changes

Recently, IoT (Internet of Things) is a trending keyword. The IoT products generates a lot of data.

That is because the way to acquire data is changed by it. It takes a lot of detailed information as huge logs. As time passed, the data become bigger and bigger.

Detail Information for the Customer

When we acquire detail information about each customer, quantity of data become huge. In addition to that, it increases every day.

In most of old systems, they do not acquire information. It takes only necessary one. But many enterprise database have problem about database performance, caused by big quantity of data.

In Bigdata era, it increases more and more.

OLTP for BigData

Data analytics is done in the back ground system of the main database management system, users usually use online.

But analysed data is imported into the main system. Therefore quantity of data, which the main system have to store becomes larger than before.

Divide Cold Data and Hot Data

NewSQL is distributed database, which has functions to execute remote & parallel data processing. By using NewSQL, users can solve problems caused by data explosion.

In addition to clustering data store, it can use Table Partitioning. By using dynamic partition keys, it can maintain data structure in the storage continuously.

Non Stop Data Structure Management

NewSQL has strong non stop data management functions. It has powerful data transfer engine, to move data on table partition storage.

It transfers only difference of data, without making copy of whole data in the storage.

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