Alinous Elastic DB

Alinous Elastic DB is a kind of NewSQL. It is scalable distributed database, which supports SQL engine scaling and storage engine with dynamic table partitioning.

NewSQL is relational database management system (RDBMS) with dynamic partitioning to manage increasing big data, continuously.

Feature of Scaling for OLTP and Sharding for Bigdata


Alinous Elastic DB is distributed database supports Real time Online Transaction Processing for Bigdata.

Online Transaction Processing

This database supports Java liked script language with SQL to make stored procedure. It can process logic strongly relevant to SQL and database.

And this is RDBMS(Relationnal Database Management System) to support transaction, SERIALIZABLE, REPEATABLE READ, READ COMMITED with table & row locking.

The SQL and Stored Procedure engine can scale out by using load balancer of cloud platform.

Auto Sharding for Bigdata

When the data is very big, a single node of storage engine can not handle the data. Then this database make partition of the records on distributed database storage engine.

This distributed database is friendly with cloud computing. By adding the storage node on the cloud, and re-partitioning, we can maintain storage node when the data increased.

Web Database Console

In addition to command line console, web application based online SQL console is available.

When we manage database on the cloud, web based console is useful.

Eclipse SDK for Scalable Stored Procedure

The scalable & rich stored procedure and SQL engine can be written in Java liked programming language. It is based on Alinous-Core Programming Language.

We can debug the rich stored procedure with Eclipse Platform.

It makes database logic as independent service component. That makes testing and managing code easy.

Development Status

Currently developing this product. The progress is disclosed on my Twitter account. If you interested in this product, please follow me. The source code is on GitHub.

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